Sunday, September 9, 2012

Important Things to Carry Along

It's common to feel anxious before stressful events in life, and a surgery in a hospital is no different. Your goal should be to make your experience as seamless as possible. Nevertheless, the whole process including the surgery and its recovery could take a toll on your mind as well as body. Therefore, it is best to plan the event ahead of time.
You would indeed prefer to get back home as soon as possible after the surgery, but this is often not possible for major surgeries. It is always recommended to spend a few days in hospital recovering in the presence of qualified doctors. This makes it even more important to plan upfront on what all you might need during your stay in the hospital premises.
Here is a list of few important items you should keep with yourself. This will make your stay lot more comfortable -
1. A novel or any of your favorite puzzle books to keep you occupied with brain-teasers.
2. A pen and a notebook to take notes e.g. doctor's suggestions.
3. Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, perfume, deodorant, body lotion and nail clipper.
4. A tiny bag containing current medications. You can use it to keep all your medicines in one place.
5. Personal documents such as Insurance Id, Driving License etc. as quick identification proof.
6. Records for past health check-ups for quick reference.
7. Ear plugs to filter away outside noise for a peaceful sleep. You can also consider noise-cancelling headphones if there is enough space to carry it along.
8. Eye mask to cover your eyes in case you get a common ward. This is to ensure that you sleep comfortably even when tube lights are turned on.
9. iPad - An iPad is a wonderful companion as a means of entertainment.
10. Phone numbers of your best friends. You would love to have them handy for these times.
11. A family photo to place on your bed side.
12. Casual sleepers and socks to keep your feet comfortable.
13. A set of glasses including a spare one. It is important to carry a spare one, as it won't be easy to get a new one during your stay there.
All these things mentioned above will make ensure you a safe and pleasant recovery. You should put all these items in bigger bag so as to keep them safe and easily transportable.

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